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The Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM) is the largest faculty of the Czech University of Life Sciences (formerly Agriculture) in Prague. There are almost 6,000 students enrolled in its study programmes and all forms of education (incl. the combined studies, consisting of part-time students at the campus which is more like distance learning). The faculty offers a wide scale of education covering the areas of management, economics, ITC, public administration and regional development, or systems engineering, which reflect the needs not only of agriculture and the related industries but of the entire economy and society. One bachelor-degree programmes and one master-degree programme are taught exclusively in English. There are about 160 professors, assistant professors and lecturers working at the faculty. The number of technical and administrative staff amounts to about 50 workers.
The decision of the Accreditation Commission of the Czech government (June 26, 1998) listed FEM as one of the best economics faculties in the Czech Republic (together with the faculties of the University of Economics in Prague). FEM has been ranked in group 1A - the best economics faculties in the Czech Republic. The evaluation of the Accreditation Commission states: “ The Faculty of Economics and Management of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague belongs to very well functioning and internationally comparable economics faculties. It demonstrates good results both in the area of education and research". The re-accreditation in 2001 re-confirmed the position of FEM among the best economics faculties in the Czech Republic (group A)
FEM offers a complex university education, organizing doctoral (PhD) studies and various forms of lifelong learning. The faculty also implements the proceedings of habilitation to achieve the assistant professor status (in Czech “Docent”),  and the professorship (to achieve the professorial status). Based on the conclusions of the Bologna Conference of Universities and Higher Education Representatives (June 1999 in Bologna, Italy) the studies are divided into three levels - bachelor, master and doctoral levels, each with corresponding degrees.
The Bachelor study programme takes 3 years, and it is completed by the state bachelor examination during which the students sit for examinations and defend their bachelor thesis under the questioning of the examination panel (board). Having passed the examination successfully, the student achieves the degree Bachelor (bakalář in Czech), abbreviated Bc (according to the Czech Act on Higher Education - Act No 111/1998 Coll.)
The graduates of the bachelor degree programmes from the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, and the bachelor degree holders from other universities within Czech Republic and abroad can continue their studies in our Master programs.
The Master degree programmes are implemented in the two-year follow-up master degree programmes (four of them are taught exclusively in English - Business Administration, Economics and Management, Informatics, European Agrarian Diplomacy. These master degree programmes take two years to complete, and they are concluded by the state final examination where the diploma master thesis is defended under the questioning of the board of examiners. Having passed the final state examination, the student achieves the masters degree diploma and the Czech title “Inženýr”  (Ingenieur, abbreviated Ing. according to the Czech Act on Higher Education - Act No 111/1998 Coll.) which corresponds with the MSc degree.
Administration study fees (ONLY for those who passed entrance examination in Prague and presented diploma nostrification):
MSc Business Administration:108 000 CZK per academic year
MSc Economics and Management: 32 000 CZK per academic year
MSc Informatics: 20 000 CZK per academic year
MSc European Agrarian Diplomacy: 20 000 CZK per academic year
BSc Economics and Management: 15 000 CZK per academic year 
BSc Business Administration: 32 000 CZK per academic year
BSc Informatics: 15 000 CZK per academic year
Freemover: 55 000 CZK per semester
(if you cannot sit entrance examination in Prague or present diploma nostrification please continue here)
The doctoral (PhD) study programmes  (see: http://www.pef.czu.cz/en/?r=1020) follow the completed master degree studies. The doctoral studies take three years. They focus on scientific development of the graduates of the master degree programmes who completed their studies with excellent results. During the PhD studies, students sit for demanding and comprehensive examinations, for the final state comprehensive PhD examination, and they defend their dissertations. The degree of PhD and a doctoral university diploma are conferred upon them after the successful completion of the PhD course.
The faculty is engaged in theoretical and applied research which addresses the whole area of the agrarian sector, starting from primary production, through processing to sales and marketing. The research focuses also on various aspects of rural life, environment, sustainable development including economic and social position of agriculture within the contemporary Europe and worldwide.  Application of the latest ICT in conducting the research work is supported. Exact quantitative instruments for the decision-making support are applied. The research and scientific activities within FEM have a positive effect upon the quality of education and they contribute to the professional development of the faculty staff. The research is implemented in co-operation with various research institutes, as well as with other organizations in the Czech Republic (such as universities), Europe and overseas.
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Czech Republic
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