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NEWS - 2nd year students


                    Academic year 2018/2019



September 2018

Merit Scholarship

= Prospěchové stipendium


The scholarship is designed for the students with excellent study resultsOnly for BLUE BOOK students!


- Passed all the exams during the first attempt

- Study average up to 1.3 (included)

- Registration to the following year

- Request for the scholarship at the day of registration

This scholarship is paid monthly (October - May) at the amount of:

1500CZK - study average 1.00

1000CZK - study average 1.01-1.30 

Please find more information HERE




FSE - Final State Examination

JUNE 2018


Final State Examination booklet

Diplomní praxe / Internship




NEW workplace of the Ministry of the Interior (MOI)


STUDENTS WORKPLACE (Department for Asylum and Migration Policy)

Responsibility for foreign university students with residence in the Capital City of Prague and Praha-západ and Praha-východ districts


At this place students can deal with all matters related to their residence permit: from applying for a residence permit to collecting a residence card and mandatory reporting of changes.

AddressHládkov 682/9 Praha 6 – Střešovice

Telephone: +420 974 820 680

Opening hours:

from Monday till Thursday: 8.00 – 16.00 (only for clients with an appointment)

Friday: 8.00 – 12.00 (only for clients with an appointment)

From 3rd August 2015 the new MOI office was opened at the address Hládkov 682/9, Prague 6.

This office deals exclusively with foreign university students from countries outside the EU studying in Prague.

The appointment has to be arranged in advance in order to get date and time of the visit (telephone number: +420 974 820 680). All callers are kindly requested to mention to the operator whether they are university students.


Accommodation scholarship


Only for blue book (index) students!

Please find more inforation HERE



!!! Recognition of subjects !!!


If you studied abroad or at another university (Erasmus etc.) and you want to get some of your exams recognized, please fill out this APPLICATION.

As the reason write down that you want to get the exam recognized (e.g. exam in Mathematics) and go to see Guarantor of the particular course which you want to get recognized.

IMPORTANT: Application for recognition of subjects as well as recognition of credits when repeating the subject has to by done by the end of SECOND week in semester - XXXXX 2018


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