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Master in Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

Faculty of the Economics and Management at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague opens a new study programme Masters in Business Administration solely taught in English language. The programme gives the students the capability of evaluating the complexity of the business area by providing them with analytical tools for key decision-making processes. The further aim of the programme is to foster future leaders and professionals in business area at the international scale.  

Graduates are well equipped for national and international positions in the civil service, banking, research institutes, and private development institutions. They also have career prospects as managers in business.


Programme Structure

It takes two years to complete the Masters in Business Administration at CULS. Each year consists of two semesters (autumn and spring). In the European system, full-time students take 30 credit hours (ECTS) per semester. The overall programme is worth of 120 ECTS credits. At the end of the fourth semester students sit for the Final State Examination and defend their dissertation.

The EU partner Universities (University of Plymouth, University College Cork, SLU Uppsala, Wageningen University and Research Centre, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, HU Berlin, Southampton Institute) participate in the organisation and teaching. 



The study programme is solely taught in English language. Students who have not completed their bachelor degree in English have to provide evidence of English language proficiency by submitting English language certifice (for example TOEFL or IELTS score).



The classes are composed of two parts: lectures and seminars. All the students are together in one lecture room for the lectures but are split into smaller groups for seminars to be able to work with the lecturer more closely and to get practical experiences and lso to develop their communication, leadership and teamwork skills. Experienced and qualified professors and bsiness professionals from Europe, North America and Asia take part in teaching in the programme and sharing their experience and knowledge with the participants in the programme. 



Tuition fee is 108 000 CZK per academic year payable at once at the beginning of the each academic year. Living expenses are not included in this fee.



A)   Applicants who apply from outside of the Czech Republic and  who need to apply to a Czech study visa from their home  countries

  Online registration:

 -    http://is.czu.cz/?lang=en

  On-line interview:  

 -       24 April -12 May (for those who have to apply for the Czech Study visa)


B)  Applicants who can apply from the Czech Republic

  Online registration:

 -       http://is.czu.cz/?lang=en


Entrance examination

On-line or in person interview will be focused on Economics and Management (50 points), Fundamentals of Enterpreneurship (50 points).


Academic Calendar

Semester 1:       classes: October – January
                               examination period: January – February

Semester 2:       classes: February  – May
                               examination period: May – June

Semester 3:       classes: October – January
                               examination period: January – February

Semester 4:       classes: February  – April
                examination period: April – May
Final State Examination: May


Contact Information

Ing. Ievgen Tomashevskyi
Administrator of the study programme
+420 234 382 155

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