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Double Degree

You can see the Double Degree programmes by clicking at the link below:

Double Degrees offered

Application deadlines correspond with deadlines for other Erasmus programmes. Please contact Dr Hucko for more information.


Double Degree Requirements- IMPORTANT

The students who are interested in our Double Degree programmes can find more information by Clicking here.

The first selection procedure is done at our university on the date for all Erasmus programmes (Dr. Hucko will announce the date later (expected date is February/March 2016)).

There are three requirements to bring for the interviews (selection procedure):
1. English Language Certificate (IELTS, TOEFL)
2. CV
3. Academic Motivation Letter 

Applicants without the three requirements will not be interviewed! 

Please check the web pages of the Host Universities for the required English Certificate scores. 
There is a rumor among the students that the applicants without the English Language Certificate can still apply for the Double Degree Programmes. The answer to that is that the students without English Language Certificate can apply for Erasmus Exchange only but NOT for the Double Degree programmes.
Students without English Language Certificate will not be interviewed for Double Degree programmes.


How to proceed with recognition of Diploma Thesis defended abroad:

- Please download files Diploma Thesis First Page and DT Confirmation, fill them out (according the reality) and send them together with your Transcript of Records in English where the final mark of your Final Project (Diploma Thesis) is stated to Dr Vylupek (vylupek@pef.czu.cz) and inform him when you would like to go to sit for the Final State Examination at CULS

- Get your blue book signed by your former/original CULS Diploma Thesis supervisor. You need to have three signatures ("zapocet"/credit) for the diploma thesis and one for diploma practicals in your blue book. You need to check that the ("zapocet"/credit) is also registered at hroch.czu.cz

- You should upload your Thesis on is.czu.cz in pdf. format. The page Diploma Thesis First Page should be part of the pdf Thesis as a first page. Please contact Mr Petr Sovic if you are not successful with uploading on Badis and ask him also to change the Name/Topic of your thesis on Badis. There (is.czu.cz) should be topic of the Thesis that is actually defended (in both English language and Czech language - ask a Czech student for help with translation).

- Send pdf version of your Diploma Thesis with Diploma Thesis First Page included to Dr Vylupek. 

- Submit one hard copy of your Diploma Thesis with Diploma Thesis First Page included to Dr Vylupeks office D227.

- Visit Mrs Simkova from Study Office before the Final State Examination to find out if you have got everything completed according the CULS regulations. Please do not underestimate this step. You need to fulfill also other requirements with Study Office related to the Final State Examination.

- Diploma Thesis submission deadline (Final State Examination - February) is:
21 January 2018 

Diploma Thesis submission deadline (Final State Examination - May) is:
  5 May 2018

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