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Master in Informatics

Students can also login here for program news: https://moodle.czu.cz/course/view.php?id=10005

This program is available for students with degrees in IT. The most important consideration for applicants is an interest in continued study and intensive research in some area of Informatics. Background in IT and Quantitative Methods is the most important requirement. The EU partner Universities (University of Plymouth, University College Cork, SLU Uppsala, Wageningen University and Research Centre, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, HU Berlin, Southampton Institute) participate in the organisation and teaching. There are Czech and International students in each of the two study groups.

Prerequisites for admission

- Samples of Entrace examination - here

Graduates are well equipped for national and international positions in the civil service, banking, research institutes and private development institutions. They also have career prospects as managers in business.

Why to study master in Informatics:
-Career in international work environment
Flexible curriculum
-ECTS credit point system

Career profiles:
-Business Economics
-Information systems development and maintenance
-ICT management
-Computer technology


Study organisation

The subjects are conducted by Czech lecturers and international visiting professors from partner universities. Foreign and Czech students can participate in these courses without restrictions. All programmes are open for students with a bachelor degree. Good knowledge of English is required. Erasmus+ can participate in these programmes for a certain period of time (one or two semesters) or arrange their own curriculum from a given offer.

Teaching and learning methods:
Obligatory and voluntary subjects
- Project based work
- Interactive computer work
- Master thesis

Course examinations at CULS are usually held over a 5-week period, immediately after the end of the 14-week course period. Most examinations are both oral and written. And they are about three hours-long. Normally, students are allowed three attempts to pass an examination. Examinations in courses offered in English are also held in English. Alternatively, the assessment can be based on individual or group project work evaluation. The project report allows the student to work in-depth on one topic through lectures, group work, laboratory work and practical experiences. Depending on the course unit and its position in the curriculum the supplementary assessment can be conduced either by an internal or external examiner to ensure that the project is evaluated fairly and properly. Project work must be written in English. 

Administration fee for successful candidates from the Entrance Examination held in PRAGUE, Czech Republic is 20 000 CZK per academic year. Other forms of study have different tuition fees.

Ing. Martin Kozák (kozakm@pef.czu.cz)


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